S01C01: The Jilted Judge

Power Station

Venetian Club

Judge's Chambers

Secret Garden

The River

The Diner (Bonus Scene)

S01C02: The Barking Dog

Lacey's Bedroom

Lacey's Backyard

School Art Room

Tabby's Treasures

School Shrine

Breton's Backyard

S01C03: The Wilted Rose

Rachel's Living Room

Mel's Diner

Rachel's Bedroom

Museum Corporeal

Rachel's Office

Havers' Desk (Bonus Scene)

S01C04: Final Justice

Prison Tier

Security Room

Havers' Foyer

Woods (Night)

Abandoned Church

Killer's Lair (Bonus Scene)

S02C01: The Killer Kingpin






Japanese Garden

S02C02: The Doctored Death


Surgeon's Stables

Art School

The Meet Market

Odd Apartment

Hidden Room


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