HS Video Teaser

June 26, 2013

You can watch the teaser video HERE

HS Gracetown Gazette

June 26, 2013
Hotshot Tycoon Arrested

Who is Michael Alder, and why was he arrested?

Chief Havers Reappointed by Mayor

Chief Havers has been reappointed by the Mayor in Gracetown. Was this the right decision?

Young Executive Nabs Science Award Despite Past Controversy

Michael Alder received a Science Award and became famous.

City Detective Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

A mysterious death has occurred in Gracetown. Are you ready to begin your search for the truth?

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HS Journals

June 26, 2013
Who or what is behind the corruption in Gracetown?

Find out what or who is behind the corruption in Gracetown. But remember, things are not always what they seem.

The Recurring Dream

Something does not seem right about these recurring dreams. Do you think they should be ignored?

Meeting with the department Psychiatrist

Why are the police neglecting the corruption in Gracetown? We need your help to uncover the truth!

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Hidden Shadows

June 26, 2013

You are the one good cop in Gracetown, a city filled with corruption. Put your detective skills to the test finding hidden objects, uncovering evidence, and solving murders in this supernatural crime thriller.

While visiting your father’s grave, you are shot by an unknown assassin. Floating between life and death, you gain the ability to see the spirits of the dead. You recover, but Police Chief Havers wants to force you out of Gracetown, just as the mysterious Michael Alder asks you ...

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