Hidden Shadows is LIVE! Come help us investigate murders and unearth the corruption in Gracetown. Explore stunning scenes and follow captivating storylines as you uncover evidence in this supernatural crime thriller!
Can you find the truth?

Welcome to Hidden Shadows. Find hidden objects and solve murders in this supernatural crime thriller. Interact with spirits as you travel to different locations and find clues to help you solve cases and discover new ones.
Put your detective skills to test and come unravel the mystery today.

Seasons: A season is a collection of cases and will be released as a major feature in the game.

Cases: Each season will have unique case that can be unlocked only after solving the previous case in the same season. Solve these cases to uncover the mystery and find the truth.

Scenes: Each case comprises of scenes that can be unlocked after completing the objective required.
How do I get Energy and what is it used for?
Each scene that you play costs Energy, which slowly regenerates over time. Energy can also be crafted in the Spirit Lab, sent and received from friends, and can be purchased for by clicking the Energy bar.

How do I find hidden objects?
Use the list of clues to identify the objects hidden in each scene. Hints can be used to find objects if you’re having a hard time. Clues listed as a “?” symbol are usually revealed later by completing an action such as using a Spirit Potion to communicate with a Spirit.

How does Scoring work?
Scoring higher in a scene will earn you more badges. After completing each scene your score is calculated based on your accuracy and the amount of time taken to find all clues shown on the list.

How do I earn badges?
Badges are used to begin analysis of an object in the Evidence Lab. Earn 5 badges in every scene within a case to unlock the final/secret scene

How do I Examine Objects?
Once you complete a scene, objects that you have found can be examined. Click on each object to examine it, one of them will be case Evidence, a Tool, or reveal a Secret. Find the right item using the least amount of clicks examinations possible, because you earn additional crafting ingredients from any unexamined objects left!

What is Evidence Analysis?
Once you find a piece of evidence, it is sent to the Evidence Lab where you will analyze it. All Evidence should be analyzed to reveal new information on open Cases and progress further in the game. Only one object can be analyzed at a time.

To analyze any evidence, you require 1 Badge. The time for analysis varies for different items.

You will have two options in the Evidence tab while an item is being analyzed:  Use a “Speedup” to reduce the amount of time left on your analysis, complete an analysis instantly using Silver, or simply wait for it to complete.

What is the Spirit Lab, and how do I Craft items?
In the Spirit Lab you can craft various items, using the crafting ingredients earned during Examination at the end of each scene. If you need more crafting ingredients, you can get them by asking friends for help in addition to playing scenes.

Crafting Items

Speedup: Used to reduce the remaining analysis time on an object by 2 hours.


Hint: Highlights one random clue during scene play. This is extremely helpful if you are having difficulty finding an object while playing a scene.

Energy: Adds 30 energy to your bar.

Spirit Potion: This item enables you to communicate with spirits in the game. It can only be used when a spirit is present in a scene.

These are the maximum amounts of Passion - Memory - Fear we can hold

What is the Journal used for?
The Journal records all milestones while investigating a case, and can be used to review evidence as well as view case progress.

What is Silver?
Silver is the premium currency used in Hidden Shadows, and can be purchased in game using the Add Silver tab or by clicking directly on the Silver bar. Spend Silver on Energy, Crafting Ingredients, to complete Evidence Analysis, and more.
How do I play in Full Screen?
The full screen icon is located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen (indicated by two overlapping windows) in the game settings.

Who can I contact if I need help?
Should you require any further assistance please be sure to visit our Player Support site.
Make sure to check out our forums for news, guides, and to meet other players like you!